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If there is an individual intolerance to any drug or its component (for example, an allergy to penicillin), you should definitely inform a specialist about this in order to find the safest and most suitable drug for you in time.
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For example, accutane should not be unnecessarily combined with antipyretics, hypnotics, antihistamines, as this changes their effect on the body.

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Usually, a doctor, prescribing a medicine, also names analogues that can replace it. If you are unable to use the prescribed medication (due to its high cost, deficiency, or because of the appearance of side effects), be sure to consult with your doctor about a replacement.
Recently, drugs have been widely advertised, which, according to manufacturers, are a panacea for all diseases. As a rule, these are general stimulating or adsorbing drugs that can really have a positive effect on the body.
However, in the event of a more or less serious illness, specific and targeted treatment with drugs of a narrower spectrum of action will still be required. Well-known medicines can be taken without consulting a doctor.
Many medicines are well known to everyone (analgin, no-spa, paracetamol, etc.), are sold without a prescription and do not always require a doctor's prescription. However, it should be remembered that such drugs are safe only with short-term use. Otherwise, serious complications can arise.
The degree of exposure and the therapeutic effect of drugs often depends on the age, gender, and individual characteristics of the organism. This statement is true only in relation to conventional pills.
But if the tablets are covered with special membranes, they cannot be chewed, because either such drugs will simply stop acting, or unwanted side reactions may occur (for example, when grinding diazolin, ibuprofen, bonafton, indomethacin, their irritating effect on the stomach may increase).
This is not entirely true. For example, erythromycin is best washed down with alkaline mineral water or milk, indomethacin and reserpine - with milk, caffeine or theophylline - with sour juice.

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But you cannot drink calcium and erythromycin with juice, while tetracycline is better not to drink milk. Aspirin is best taken with alkaline mineral water.

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Patient Safety is a top priority. We still require masks in our facilities, at this time.
Medicines (medicines, medicines) - pharmacological agents (substances or mixtures of substances) that have passed clinical trials and are approved for use for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by the authorized body of the country in the prescribed manner, obtained from blood, blood plasma, as well as organs , human or animal tissues, plants, minerals, by synthesis or using biotechnology.

Thus, in modern pharmacy, drugs include substances of plant, animal or synthetic origin that have pharmacological activity and are intended for the production and manufacture of dosage forms, as well as diagnostics and other auxiliary preparations.

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Already in ancient times, people tried to save their lives using various natural medicinal substances. Most often, these were plant extracts, but preparations were also used that were obtained from raw meat, yeast and animal waste. The first scientists instinctively felt that in many living organisms there are substances that can help in the fight against diseases, but only with the development of chemistry did people become convinced that the therapeutic effect of such substances lies in the selective effect of certain chemical compounds on the body.

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Important milestones in historyand the creation of medicines was the work of Avicenna, Paracelsus, Galen, Hahnemann, and many other pharmacists and pharmacologists. Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915), German bacteriologist and chemist, is considered one of the founders of modern chemotherapy. In 1891, he developed a theory of the use of chemical compounds to fight infectious diseases.

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Some time passed, and such compounds began to be obtained in laboratories by synthesis

The most widespread is the International Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification (ATC). In Russia, the division into Pharmacological groups is more common. In addition, there is also a nosological classification. In world practice, there is the concept of "non-prescription" and "prescription" drugs. The latter suggest a greater potential risk of over-the-counter use. There is a constant struggle between the “pharmaceutical” and “medical” lobbies (respectively, for the expansion of the 1st or 2nd group of drugs and the corresponding business).

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